really a lion and less of cow


Today, I booked my air tickets to Argentina and Chile and all I can do since I pressed the button to buy is smile and smile.

I am an admitted addict and will never ever be finished with my exploration of our blue planet. I have been trying to be brave in my little, lovely wintery town but the sameness was getting me down. That in hand with some family sadness and personal challenges, well, it’s gets a gal wondering and I need a lot more wandering, a lot less wondering in life. I do truly believe the fact that I have been able to see so much of the world is a true gift, a mix of luck & lifestyle choice and maybe a devil may care attitude about my finances that keeps me working a day job instead of being on the road 24/7. Regardless of all of that, I am always hungry, greedy, restless for new places.

I am headed south for three and 1/2 weeks  – won’t possibly be enough time but it will have to do for now. My lottery numbers still haven’t hit so I’ll take what I can get.

A happy dog post


Lots of plans being laid for exciting new adventures south, west and east – not so much north until this winter is done.  In the meantime… here’s the happiest dog I have seen in some time – may you all be jumping for joy like this pup out there in the world, friends and will be updating soon.