2015: California, sunsets


Amazing long weekend visit with friends. More later but for now how about the show the sky and the sun put on last night

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky” Rabindranath Tagore








2015: California (headed west)


Westward, chasing the sun. This post brought to you via in flight wifi. Really, why not I said? Headed out for the long weekend.

I just read an article that said people who live in cloudy places are smarter. Not linking it here as clearly that piece was written to make people under the gun metal gray (day after day after day) skies feel better about life.

Okay kids, you aren’t going to be happy but no worries you’ve got brains!?! Malarkey clearly. Marketed malarkey.

A cloudy day survivor this winter, I am not sure I am smarter except developing very specific fantasies of that missing orange ball of fire in the sky and a life without down feathers involved (sorry geese of the world).

If you’ve followed my journeys here, that means plane tickets and plans to ditch my cow town and head off to see some sunshine.

Remember? 2015 is happiness. Decided that means also friendship and my loved ones that need to be seen. Forgive me Northern Californians. Your day will dawn. Friends in need are friends indeed. And so today it’s a Southern Californian experience. I am looking forward to a weekend of fancy yoga pants, bark tea and getting my chi sorted.

So mean. Nope. I am looking forward to two of my favorite people and their kids. I know. The exciting life of a world traveler sometimes needs to take a break. Sometimes I just want to see my people and even better if they happen to be where it doesn’t rain and fifty degrees is freezing weather.


2015: New Year’s, Boston to the Berkshires


1 Jan – 1:23 AM – Hanover Street, North End, Boston: On every block, another post midnight cliche… the fighting couple, the restaurant filled with revelers dancing to Usher’s last year’s hit, the brand new couple-maybe-to-be negotiating with their friends to be able to take the only available taxi by themselves, Boston boys with Bruins hats, Happy Drunks, Sad Drunks, Waitresses and Valet Guys saying good night, Firemen coming back from a false call and an ancient old Italian man telling everyone of us Buon Anno. A slice of New Year’s Eve’s aftermath. The good, the bad… you get it.

The new year is but three days old. Have seen and spent time with a few of my favorite people. Have watched good movies, eaten delicious food.

Nothing has really changed. My warriors are still fighting their life battles – real life is like an icy cold shower these days. But… somehow, for once, my soul’s a little brighter and lighter this year. Maybe I am just older, wiser, more ready for whatever comes next – I wrote last year of hoping to find grace (here: 2013 year in review). I thought at the turn of 2013 into 2014 I had found it. As always, I knew nothing about grace. I love the way life teaches all of us that the moments we feel, hey, I really get this gig, another 364 days later, I am humbled. I only got it a bit – I was certainly grateful, and grace to navigate life is absolutely needed but nope, that was just the first glimpse. Grace yes, but let’s go bigger in 2015.

“Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…”Alfred Tennyson

Good old Tennyson – he’s on the money this year.

To heck with Peace (not really!), I want happiness this year. I want joy. I actually may want it all. I want my family and friends to win – the lottery, their health, their marriages saved, their promotions delivered, their houses to sell, more? Everyday miracles and hard won success – have at it. Fill in your blank and I will want that for you too. Peace is great but getting that glorious goodness, well, it’s better, it’s more and call me crazy, that’s what I am asking for this go round the sun. If I don’t ask, if I don’t expect it, crave it, push for it, it doesn’t happen so bring it.

Wherever this year heads, whatever my adventures may be, I can say for certain for once, it started right.  To Life, this isn’t a challenge but whatever’s in store, make it great, make it fantastic, memorable and superb. Lighten the load for some of my people.

Happy New Year my five regular readers (thank you all for staying the course). Happy New Year to my beloveds & family. Happy New Year to friends and travelers not yet met.

Most of all – Happy New Adventures people. I hope 2015 brings goodness in abundance, all over the place.