The endless endless list

See the Northern Lights – anywhere in the Northern hemisphere – Iceland November 2013
Drink wine and watch the sun set in Cinque-Terre, Italy
Go rafting in the Grand Canyon
Go to the Hermitage in St Petersburg
Victoria Falls – Zambia/Zimbabwe Trip May 2013
Iguazu Falls
See Petra in Jordan
See the terra-cotta soldiers in China
Go on a short trek in Nepal & see Mount Everest (not climb it) – Nepal October 2014
Make cheese in Switzerland
Sleep on a junk in Vietnam
Drive RT 66 – from end to end USA
Selous Game Reserve Tanzania
Watch the tide come in and then go out at the Bay of Fundy Canada
Swim in the Dead Sea in Israel
National Parks of the North West USA
Go to Antarctica (of course)
Kruger National Park South Africa
Temples, jungles and beaches of Bali
Sleep in a glamorous hut over the water in the Maldives
See Lalibela in Ethiopia
Hike in Denali National Park Alaska
Namib desert – the Skeleton Coast Namibia
See Timbuktu Mali

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