2020 The Year That Wasn’t

Not one shared word from me. Not one post. Here instead one month into the new year are the pictures. It was a lot of these beautiful moments and also a lot of unknowns, worry, tears, love, laughs and all the rainbow of feelings. Family and friendship.

I am ok. My family is ok. My friends are ok. There’s been a bit of collateral damage though and for that, well, sitting here in 2021, choosing to look forward and be here in the now. Much love to all.

2015: California (headed west)

Westward, chasing the sun. This post brought to you via in flight wifi. Really, why not I said? Headed out for the long weekend.

I just read an article that said people who live in cloudy places are smarter. Not linking it here as clearly that piece was written to make people under the gun metal gray (day after day after day) skies feel better about life.

Okay kids, you aren’t going to be happy but no worries you’ve got brains!?! Malarkey clearly. Marketed malarkey.

A cloudy day survivor this winter, I am not sure I am smarter except developing very specific fantasies of that missing orange ball of fire in the sky and a life without down feathers involved (sorry geese of the world).

If you’ve followed my journeys here, that means plane tickets and plans to ditch my cow town and head off to see some sunshine.

Remember? 2015 is happiness. Decided that means also friendship and my loved ones that need to be seen. Forgive me Northern Californians. Your day will dawn. Friends in need are friends indeed. And so today it’s a Southern Californian experience. I am looking forward to a weekend of fancy yoga pants, bark tea and getting my chi sorted.

So mean. Nope. I am looking forward to two of my favorite people and their kids. I know. The exciting life of a world traveler sometimes needs to take a break. Sometimes I just want to see my people and even better if they happen to be where it doesn’t rain and fifty degrees is freezing weather.