dreams of other places

Just the rainy, cold kind of gloomy cow town morning that makes me wish I were elsewhere and yet again the deep debate in my heart rises up – to travel more of the year and work to make that happen, or to continue on the path I am on… because if I were elsewhere, at least there’d be the promise of lions…. sometimes, when it’s been a while, being with the cows takes some patience.

Happy Sunday, friends

A rainy afternoon in Tanzania
A rainy afternoon in Tanzania

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  1. Tanya N. (@1redsoc) says:

    The yin and yang of the grass being greener on the other side… it’s always a ponder ~

    Always enjoy your thoughts. <3


  2. tiybor (@tiybor) says:

    Nice pic! You’re so eloquent in your ponderings..


  3. Marleen (@bronzehyperion) says:

    That’s a stunning photo. And I’m sure you know this; when we’re “stuck” with the cows (I always am here in good ol’ Holland ;), we can still dream of being with the lions.

    And you’re a lioness at heart!


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