India 2012: Packing it all in

There’s a time before a new journey when I always get to maximum velocity; a perfect storm hits of everything at the same time. A window into my mind (so sorry, it’s not as bad in there as it initially appears), I have this moment when I think because I am getting on a plane that every single loose end in my life needs to be tied, every bill paid, every file updated at work, every relationship in good stead because, well, because I never come back the same person and I want whatever I am leaving behind to be all tidy.

Travel changes me fundamentally as I am sure it does you too (or goodness I hope it does – that’s the point of jet lag, to earn the change). It’s one of the major reasons I go at all, perhaps THE reason. Something has got to drive us to put our lives on hold, go into debit, buy electronic devices we probably don’t need. Sure, I know I do all of that and more because I can only be a cow for so long, I crave what new sights, new lands, new food brings my soul. However, in the dangerous most honest moment, what I really crave is perspective and the distance from the familiar that will give me the chance to see my path for my path and all the places where I have fallen down, gotten off track, where I am exactly where I should be and where the path is headed alarmingly up hill and looks rocky and horrible. Maybe I have to live in the tornado before I go because I know how much work I’ll have to do when I get back? I don’t know…. I just know it’s always the same and what should be clear to all of you, especially those who know me well in real life, the pre trip breakdown has started, right on schedule. Beware of your inbox. I cannot be held responsible this week for, well, anything and someone hide my credit cards because I do not need a compass that can communicate with my phone… no one does.

Countdown to India: one weekish

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