Nepal 2014: Passports, visas, adaptors… it’s almost time to go

I took a rain soaked, muddy hike today…. which ended right by this flaming tree. Fall has brought out her best colors this year.

Apparently, I cannot live and write at the same time. I think about this blog, the place I created to share my adventures and I greedily eat up all those stories in my own head – and oh they are delicious but it’s time to share.

In two weeks, heading out on the road again. Packing my hopes, my dreams and my last year of lessons in my bag, taking one of my dearest friends and leaving on a jet plane. I have my visa stamp in my passport, a brand new duffle bag, some hiking shoes that are still far too stiff and the mysterious three possible adaptors ready to go.

It’s Nepal or bust. The beautiful Himalayas await.

As I get my act together, let’s ponder these are things I never thought I’d hear out load: you need a passport picture for your trekking permit (TREKKING PERMIT? I trek, you trek, we trek? sure, okay, slightly unlikely for me to be a trekker, more of a stroller, clumsy tripper), are you climbing Everest? (seriously, if you met me, you’d know this kind of remark is true madness and people can be silly, please read up on the situation  and also thanks for thinking I have $95,000 to spare) and do you know how many leeches there are there (good news, already have had the pleasure of leech removal – both the actual and the metaphorical).

I am ready. Take my jumbled karma and set me free. It’s time to leave the cows for a lion of an adventure.

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