COFFEE CUPS: 2021 The Berkshires, still

I am four days from my second vaccine shot and I planned my first international trip in two years yesterday.

The wanderlust is waking up.

I hope I will look back on this year of slower days, time inside, with my close family 24/7 as a gift. My mother is 90 and my nephew is on the edge of childhood and tweendom. These are days to cherish, even when we’re on each other and at our wit’s end.

What I want and what is are not aligned in time of trouble and disconnect.

What I want is that I will see the good in the slow down – that elusive silver liner. The hard won ability to find the sparkle that has seen me through 49 and 1/2 magical years. The circle of life for me is I losing and finding it over and over again.

What is these days, not so sparkly, more like tiny twinkle, but I’ll get there and it will be even better for the rediscovery.

How to get there, is to breath in and out, take moments. So today, in the middle of my daily hustle, I watched the birds at my feeder, tried to appreciate the stillness, the dawn and early spring in New England.

And with a side delicious coffee, of course.